Movie Matinee: Onward @ Mary Esther Library Tickets
May 23 @ 1:00 pm – 3:45 pm
Movie Matinee: Onward @ Mary Esther Library

Come out and enjoy Onward (rated PG)

A light snack will be provided. Please call or come in to sign-up!

Movie Overview:

“In a modernized fantasy world that is losing its magic to the convenience of technology, two elf brothers embark on a journey to see if they can use magic to meet their father. This is harder than it seems, as he died when they were both young and neither of them is sure there is still magic left in the world. That changes with the arrival of a magical staff that was a prearranged gift from their father. They initially succeed in bringing him back with a spell, but only from the waist down. Now they only have 24 hours to bring back the rest of him before he is gone forever.”